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Emergencies happen without warning. Before you are faced with a pet emergency, know how patients are accommodated in an emergency vet hospital

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24 Hour Emergency Vet Everett understands how frightening it is for pet owners to face a pet emergency. In these situations, we want to provide every patient that enters our emergency room the care they require as quickly as possible. However, since accidents can happen at any point in time, some days may be busier than the others for our veterinary team.

In our facility, we treat all of our patients fairly because we believe that each one of them deserves high-quality veterinary care and our compassion. Since we deal with lives in an emergency situation, the "first-come, first-served" policy does not apply. Instead, we follow a strict triage system.

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What To Expect in the Emergency Room (for Walk-Ins)

When you arrive at our emergency department, you will be greeted by our receptionist and given a form to fill. Our veterinary technician will approach you to briefly examine your pet and get more information about your pet's concerns. Based on the veterinary technician's assessments, your pet will be categorized as either Priority 1, Priority 2, Priority 3, or Priority 4.

Priority 1 means your pet needs immediate care and should be attended to first by the veterinarians on duty. It means your pet is in severe condition and requires stabilization efforts. Priority 2 is for patients that are suffering from cardiovascular concerns. This means your pet needs the most urgent medical attention. Patients suffering from mild to moderate symptoms that are not life-threatening at present are categorized under Priority 3, or urgent cases. Patients under Priority 4 have non-urgent or non-life-threatening symptoms.

The wait can be long, sometimes hours. This is an optimistic sign as it means your pet is currently not in a serious situation.

Your pet will be taken to our Veterinary Clinic Everett WA area for standard tests when it is its turn. We do not allow their owners or chaperones in the treatment area to protect the welfare of our other patients. Once the tests are complete, and the results are ready, our vet tech will speak to you about treatment options or the need for further tests. When your pet does not require additional laboratory procedures, your pet will be returned to you, together with the results of the tests and your pet's diagnosis. The treatment care plan will be relayed to you by a veterinarian. If your pet needs more testing or observation, a veterinarian will discuss these with you and your options.

Calling A 24 Hour Vet Everett WA For a Pet Emergency

When you contact 24 Hour Emergency Vet Everett through our emergency lines, you will be communicating with one of our veterinarians or nurses. All of our emergency responders are highly trained and experienced in providing emergency medical services.

Once an Emergency Vet Clinic Everett WA responder receives your call, you will be asked to provide a detailed description of your pet. Please tell us your pet's age, breed, size, and weight. We will also require a description of its current signs and symptoms and its health problems, if there are any. While on the line, our emergency medical staff will provide you with instructions on administering first aid care to your pet. We will also guide you on properly transporting your pet to our emergency facility if you decide to bring your pet yourself. If you cannot take your pet to our emergency department, please mention this early on in the call so we can prepare an ambulance for you.

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