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Because we value our pets, we immediately feel uneasy when they are sick. During this stressful time, only the assurance of a reliable vet can make this experience tolerable.

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We offer convenience and comfortability

Our pets are a part of our family. For most people, their pets are their best friends too. So whenever our pet is sick, we start feeling uneasy and think of the worst. Animal Hospital Everett WA understands why pet owners react in such a way, especially if their pet has been diagnosed with a severe medical condition. When your pet is feeling under the weather, the most sensible thing to do is to visit a reliable, trusted animal hospital.

But a pet getting sick should not be the only reason to visit a vet at an animal hospital. Pets have to have their annual check-ups and laboratory screenings too to maintain their health and wellness. Such services are offered at most animal clinics, including one of the most trusted animal clinics Everett offers - us!

Animal Hospital Everett WA

Essential Items to Bring When You Visit Our Animal Hospital for an Emergency

To provide you and your pet with faster services, you need to bring a few important things with you and your pet when you visit our animal hospital. Here are four essential items to pack with you on your visit:

Vaccination Records
Bring your pet's vaccination records, especially when vaccinated at a different hospital or clinic. Your pet's vaccination records will provide our vets a clearer understanding of your pet's medical symptoms. The documents may present clues as to what could be causing the symptoms and how they can be treated. Some illnesses are related to not having the vaccine to prevent them. In case we find that your pet may have missed an immunization shot, we can quickly provide your pet with it and monitor your pet's condition.

Food or Treats
Always pack your pet's favorite food or treats enough throughout your pet's stay at the hospital. This is essential, especially if your pet is a picky eater or has a special diet. If your pet has a food allergy, do not forget to mention this to your vet or nurse. In case you were not able to bring any of your pet’s favorite food or treats, we will be providing them for your pet.

Prescription Medication
For owners who have pets diagnosed with a medical condition and are currently on pharmacological treatments, do not forget to bring the prescription provided by your vet. If not the prescription, you can bring the packaging of the medicines with you instead. Also, bring the packaging of your pet's vitamins if your pet is taking any. This is necessary to check if your dog's current condition is related to its medications. Some medications have side effects that sometimes present themselves as allergy-like symptoms. In rare situations, some treatments may cause a severe reaction.

Toys or Favorite Things
Since emergencies could happen on any given day and time, it would be a good idea to bring your pet's favorite toys or items with you. If there may be a long line of patients at our hospital, your pet can stay entertained during the wait. This also helps them feel more at ease.

Collaboration with Pet Hospitals Everett
If you forget to bring food, treats, and toys for your pet, we can provide them for your pet. If it is the vaccination records and prescriptions you could not bring, we would need you to provide us the contact details of your pet's primary veterinarian. We also work collaboratively with various pet hospitals.

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