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Pets give us unconditional love. In a pet emergency, they deserve the best medical treatment - the kind our licensed and compassionate veterinary team provides!

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Customer satisfaction is our main priority, and we achieve it by providing you top-quality and affordable services.


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Animal Wellness Center Everett has all the needs for the care of your pets. Our desire to provide the best service to your pet is to make the most of their life. Our service is used for early detection and timely treatment of various illnesses in pets. We also provide medical and surgical services for the general well-being of your furry companion. Everyone knows the joy that pets bring to their pet owners, so it's only natural to participate in their health care. We want the best care for our pets, and our staff treats them like their own pets. We want the best medical practice here in terms of medical and surgical treatment. Our veterinarians or pet surgeons have outstanding skills in caring for pets and other medical services, so pet owners don't have to worry.

Services offered

Our medical team here at Animal Wellness Center Everett is pretty much hands-on when checking out pets; we want them to get the best treatment possible. Here are some of our services that might interest you:

Vet Clinic Everett WA

Exotic animal care
If you have pet rabbits, hamsters, reptiles, birds that are not their usual self, or want to make sure they're okay, a professional veterinarian can help. Unfortunately, we cannot take care of livestock or farm animals, but we would like to introduce you to another veterinarian specializing in this area.

Pet Grooming In Everett for most owners is often ignored; they would think it would just focus on bathing, keeping their nails clean, or the occasional fur trim. If their daily hygiene is not is disregarded, it can lead to more progressive and dangerous diseases like tick infestation, which can cause their fur to fall off. Untrimmed nails can affect your pet’s posture due to old age. These are just some of the diseases associated with poor grooming.

Laboratory and diagnostics
We have the latest technology for the early detection of illness also ​Emergency Vet Clinic Everett WA​​​. A variety of devices are available to make it easier to identify the cause of the problem. We also have our laboratory for collecting blood samples, so there is no need to send our blood samples to other laboratories. Results will take hours instead of waiting weeks. Our veterinarians are very skilled in handling equipment from X-rays to EKG.

Surgery and dentistry
Periodontal disease is a common occurrence for cats and dogs as early as the age of three. If untreated, it can affect their entire body. Your vet dentists will tell you the early and late signs of this dental disease to protect your fur companion.

Our facility is essential to complex surgeries; they will be monitored closely during a specific procedure, even during recuperating.

Wellness and prevention
There are many ways to ensure that your pet gets the right amount of food. Some foods are not intended for your pet. Our Pet Wellness Everett nutritionists can give you a complete summary of the list of foods that do not apply to your pet. When it comes to animal microchips, we try to keep pets from getting lost. The microchip is embedded in the skin so that the chip does not come off when you take a bath.

Some cat owners require a different approach, and this is because cats are more sensitive than dogs. We can refer you to our Cat Clinic Everett vets, who are more than willing to help cat lovers.

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As pet owners, we want what’s the best for our furry companion. Their lifespan is different from humans, and we want to prolong it as much as we can because of the joy they bring to our lives. Animal Wellness Center Everett provides care to all domesticated pets. Call us to book an appointment, and we look forward to making your pets happier and healthier.