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animal wellness center

Our main goal as veterinarians is to help animals recover. It requires diagnostic abilities, access to the appropriate care and recovery, and a collaborative effort to heal pets. From surgery and emergency services to patient recovery and dental care, animal wellness center Everett has it all.

Our Services

  • We're More Than a Hospital When It Comes to Preventive Care

    Our mission at pet wellness Everett is to make your pet as comfortable as possible. We do so by offering preventive care programs and facilities that are both convenient and cost-effective.

    Preventive Health Exams Preventive health exams are performed twice a year and are the foundation of outstanding veterinary care. These exams improve your pet's long-term health by increasing the likelihood of early detection of conditions or illnesses. Preventive health exams often save money because addressing a health problem in your pet early on usually necessitates fewer interventions.

  • From anesthesia to pain management, surgical care for your pets is available.

    Every patient's wellbeing is a priority at Animal Wellness Center Everett. So, in any case, we perform the necessary screening, monitoring, and anesthetic selection to substantially reduce the risk of anesthesia—a standard and generally safe procedure that ensures your pet's comfort.

    Surgical Specialization
    Pet wellness Everett is one of the few veterinary hospitals in Galveston Bay, Houston, and the surrounding communities that conduct a wide range of advanced surgical procedures.

  • Diagnosis: The First Step Towards Healing

    Many diagnostic procedures that necessitate major surgery can now be performed using less invasive endoscopic and laparoscopic techniques. The patient recovers faster as a result of these procedures. Many of your pet's internal structures and organs can now be directly visualized, biopsied, and surgically manipulated thanks to high-tech fiber optics technology.

    Here at cat clinic Everett, we keep a complete on-site diagnostic lab for the convenience of our clients and quick results of regular diagnostic tests on our patients. We use an independent lab service that collects samples from our hospital regularly for more advanced research. Our advanced management platform allows us to quickly turn around results and download them directly into your pet's medical records.

  • We plan for the things that you can't prepare for.

    The most challenging aspect of owning a pet is dealing with emergencies. Both pets and their owners can experience anxiety as a result of their fear of the unknown.

    Our veterinarians and workers are well-versed in recognizing and dealing with circumstances that need urgent attention. When your pet's condition has stabilized, our physicians and staff will explain it to you clearly. There's no need to waste time in the waiting room wondering and speculating; we'll provide you with the truth.

  • We Customize Our Services to Suit Your Lifestyle and Needs

    The animal wellness center Everett has created the following programs to address the wide range of needs that your modern-day, hectic lifestyle sometimes necessitates:

    Boarding and play days for pets
    We have a variety of boarding packages to meet the needs of your pet while you are gone. Temperature-controlled private rooms, private potty breaks, occasional tasty snacks, "fetch and stretch," personal tummy rubs, and daily grooming are all included in most packages. We have a 1600 square foot natural grass play area that is clean and secure for your dog.

    Cats are housed in a separate portion of our facility. In reality, we use different air-control systems for dogs and cats, which is an effective—but sometimes overlooked—method of reducing pet stress.

    We give the most commonly used microchip device, which improves the chances of a successful recovery if you and your pet become separated.

    Microchips are simple to implant, last a lifetime, and we will register your pet for you. No one wants to feel helpless when their pet goes missing, and thanks to microchipping, you won't have to.

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We are sure that our services will meet your veterinary care needs for your pet. Our veterinarians and nurses are committed to keeping up to date with the latest diagnostics, medications, and wellness services to keep your pet in the best possible condition. Let's join forces to keep your cherished pet happy and safe!