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If not all that a human can eat is safe for animals, then it should be clear that we should also be careful when medicating them. Learn the best practices here.

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Meds for Pets Everett WA - Medicating Pets and Safe Practices

At some point or another, pets would need some medications. It may be because of a sudden onset of pain or to help them manage their medical condition. Sometimes they simply need it to maintain their health and Animal Wellness Center Everett . Regardless, pet owners should be very cautious when medicating their furry friends. Specialists at Meds and Pets Everett have seen several cases when pet owners "diagnosed" and "treated" their pets on their own, only to regret it later.

Purchasing and Administering Potent Medicine for Pets in Washington

In Washington, and any part of the world, just like in the case of humans, we cannot purchase some medicines without a prescription. This is especially true for potent drugs as these can cause severe effects if misused. In many cases, administering improper amounts of potent pet medication results in a fatality. This is why a consultation from veterinary experts is a must.

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When a vet determines that a pet is a candidate for a prescription drug, we strongly advise pet owners to admit their pets for further observation. To determine the necessity and effectiveness of any medication, our veterinarians assess the pets thoroughly and have them go through a careful series of procedures and observations. These monitoring procedures are then repeated in cycles before, during, and after the prescription. Veterinary nurses will provide round-the-clock care to check for any changes or improvements. Since these require expertise in pathophysiology, pharmacology, blood chemistry, etc., only a Board-certified veterinarian can prescribe specific pet medications. Licensed veterinarians, nurses, and pharmacists are the only ones allowed to administer these prescription drugs to pet patients.

Over-The-Counter Pet Medication Washington

The only non-prescription medicines pet owners can readily buy over-the-counter are the following:

  • Medications or products to treat flea and tick infestations.
  • Medicines that prevent heartworms.
  • Hip and joint supplements to treat arthritis for pets.
  • Vitamins and minerals for pets on a raw food diet.
  • Hydrocortisone sprays, creams, and ointments for itch and hot spots.
  • Antibiotic gels for minor cuts.
  • Artificial tears for eye problems.

Because we are a full-service pharmacy and clinic, the above-mentioned over-the-counter medications are readily available for dispensation. When purchasing at Meds for Pets Everett and your pet is not with you, please provide the pharmacist with your pet's background and its current symptoms. You will be asked for the onset and description of the signs and symptoms. If the signs are physical in nature, a clear image of the affected area may be presented to the pharmacist. You will be provided with instructions on properly administering the medicines, the intervals, duration, and possible side effects.

Disposing Unused Pet Medication

Unused pet medications should be disposed of properly to avoid untoward incidents. Here are the appropriate ways pet owners can take to dispose of unused pet medications:

  • Donate unexpired and unused pet medication to veterinary clinics or animal shelters. These can be used by severely ill pets without homes or pets whose owners are financially constrained.
  • Throw expired and unused medication. Remove it from the original packaging, seal it tight, and place it in another container before putting it into your garbage bin. It would be better to throw them when your trash is about to be picked up to ensure that it will not be taken by either humans or animals and appropriately disposed of.

Keep your pets safe with Meds for Pets Everett.

To ensure safe and proper handling and distribution of medicines for your pets, always buy medicine from a reputable source and veterinary pharmacy like Meds for Pets Everett. Visit us or contact us at the number on this page to set a consultation with our veterinary practitioners.