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Meds for Pets Everett

Just like humans, pets are also beings that can experience illness. Veterinarians are what we call animal doctors, and the veterinary clinic is their health center. Just like our babies, taking care of animals is a pretty challenging role. They cannot tell us what they feel and describe how the pain is, and the end is we need to bring them to specialists. Luckily, Meds for Pets Everett is now open to serve us.

Why can we not purchase potent medicines without a prescription?

We cannot purchase some pet medicines without veterinary prescription because potent drugs can cause severe effects if misused. It results from severe adverse reactions and too dangerous for your pets. It is better to consult your veterinary experts to prevent and avoid them from harm.

Veterinarians assess your pets thoroughly to diagnose their illness. They go through careful procedures and observation before prescribing medications. For example, when a veterinarian suspects a bacterial infection in your pet, they will define the antibiotic that kills that strain explicitly. Only a licensed veterinarian can provide a prescription to pet patients.

Over-the-counter pet medication Washington

Consulting a veterinarian on a previous pet illness can be a repeated case. Not all pets medicine requires a prescription. If just in case that the same scenario happened, you can buy non-prescription medication over the counter. It is possible purchasing particular medicine for pets in Washington without a veterinarian prescription. Here is the list for your reference.

  • Flea and Tick Treatment are products use to treat your pet's flea and tick problems.
  • Heartworm Meds which prevents heartworm.
  • Hip and joint supplements are medicine to treat arthritis for pets.
  • Vitamins and minerals are suitable for your pet who are on a raw food diet.
  • Wound sprays simple treatments for minor and mild cuts on cats and dogs.

Besides, those medications that are available over-the-counter can be able to purchase online too but take the risk, of course. Online purchases are mostly cheaper and more convenient as this is a home delivery; however, it is often unapparent and mostly overlooked. The dangers of these online medications are counterfeit, nearly expiring, or potentially improper storage that may reduce effectiveness and even safety.

Disposing Unused Pet Medication

In some circumstances, you will have excess and unused medicines, and just like in human medications, there are risks of keeping them. It would be best if you disposed of it properly to avoid untoward incidence. Here are the best ways on how to dispose of unused pet medications.

  • Return unused pet medication to the veterinary to use to a severely ill pet as donations. Also, a veterinary knows which medication can keep and which need to dispose of out.
  • Donate unused medication to animal shelters that primarily rely on donations and keep their doors open for animals or pets in need. Shelters will be very grateful for any assistance.
  • Throw unused medication if the donation is not possible. Remove it to the original packaging and seal with another container before putting it into your garbage bin. Ensure that the trash bins are closely for pick-up time as possible to make sure that it is appropriately disposed and avoid being taken by someone either human or pets.

Be safe with Us

If you want a safe and assure proper handling and distribution of medicines for your pets, always buy medicine from a reputable source and veterinary pharmacy like us. Visit us and keep your pet safe at Meds for Pets Everett. You can call us with your reservation and checking of the availability of the prescribed pet medicines.