Pet Grooming In Everett

Keeping your pet clean and groomed may be a challenge when it has behavioral issues or simply does not enjoy it. The good news is that professionals know how to handle them.

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Pet Grooming in Everett WA - What Professional Groomers Offer

Animal Wellness Center Everett know that professional services for pet grooming in Everett save us lots of time and energy. But apart from that, did you know that regularly taking your pet to the groomer's is one way to monitor your pet's overall health?

Pet grooming services are not just about getting your dog's fur or nails trimmed. In fact, if you ask any veterinarian or groomer, these services offer a lot of benefits! Here are some of them:

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Professional pet grooming in Everett provides your pet enrichment

Enrichment is any physical or mental variation added to your pet's day. Since your pet gets to meet people and other animals they do not interact with regularly, they become stimulated. This kind of stimulation is especially essential for pets that have difficulty interacting or socializing with other people and animals. Their exposure to new faces and scents can potentially improve their behavior.

Dog grooming in Everett provides clues about your dog's overall health.

A healthy dog has shiny, soft fur. A change in the fur's texture, sheen, or tensile strength presents clues to an underlying condition. Highly-trained pet groomers know how a dog's fur should look and feel. They can immediately alert dog owners to have their dogs checked by their veterinarians when they notice something amiss with the dog's coat.

Handling during grooming allows early detection of medical issues.

One of the first things a professional groomer does before giving pets a bath is to assess their body. They check the skin for irritations, bumps, and lumps. They also check for the presence of pain, parasites, ticks, and fleas. Professional groomers do not do this to give cures or treatments. They need to assess what kind of grooming the pet needs and check if they need to put extra care into handling specific parts of the pet's body. If they find any problem with the pet, they can notify their owners of this.

Nail trimming improves a pet's posture.

Regular trimming of nails is an essential maintenance measure for pets because the condition of their claws and paws affects their posture, mobility, and comfort. When their nails are left to grow out long, they may get caught on something or crack. This causes pain to pets. Nail trimming helps support their healthy foot structure and also reduces the risk of infection. Since pets have sensitive paws, nail trimming should best be left to professionals.

Dental cleaning done by a certified Dog Dentist Everett prevents dental diseases.

Dental cleanings done at the vet can remove plaque that brushing cannot reach. This procedure can significantly benefit small breeds and dogs fed wet food as they are susceptible to dental concerns.

Careful brushing using the correct brush allows the growth of a healthy coat.

Brushing gets rid of dead skin cells and dead and damaged hair. It also distributes the skin's natural oils. This does not just make the coat grow shiny. It also allows for a healthy new coat to grow because brushing improves your pet's blood circulation.

Haircuts maintain a pet's health.

Especially for dogs, some pet breeds have fur that grows continuously. When left unkempt, their fur tangles and creates mats. These can be breeding grounds for pathogens. Matted fur is heavy, and it also causes pain to pets when the mats are pulled. Giving your pet a haircut keeps them healthy and makes them look presentable.

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