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To spay or neuter my pet or not? Expert advice says it is for the best. Read the myths and facts behind spaying and neutering dogs and cats.

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Uncover Facts and Debunk Myths with Spay and Neuter Everett WA

Plenty of pet owners still believe some myths that concern spaying and neutering pets. Some are too afraid to have their pets subjected to them because they are "too risky" and "may negatively affect their dogs' health and behavior." Spay And Neuter Everett aims to enlighten pet owners about the advantages of spaying and neutering dogs in this article.

Myth 1: It is impossible to safely spay a pregnant dog.

Fact: Vets can safely spay pregnant dogs and cats, and this is done to terminate their pregnancy. Spaying involves the complete removal of a female animal's ovaries and uterus. This way, pups will have no place to develop and grow. To determine whether the pregnant dog or cat can be safely spayed, a veterinarian will examine her and determine her stage of pregnancy. The procedure can go successfully if the dog has no complications, and her recovery will be speedy.

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Myth 2: Spaying and neutering is a painful experience.

Fact: Animals are entirely anesthetized during a spay or neuter surgery at Spay and Neuter Clinic Everett. They will not experience discomfort during the procedure because our resident anesthesiologists are experienced and highly trained in using the latest anesthesiological equipment. After the procedure, the pain they would feel can be reduced or eliminated with pain management procedures, including Meds for Pets Everett . The risk of serious harm from spaying or neutering is relatively low.

Myth 3: To neuter a dog is to make it less defensive.

Fact: The innate instinct of a dog to defend his home and family is unaffected by spaying or neutering. Genetics and the environment, rather than hormones, form a dog's personality.

Myth 4: Pets that have been spayed or neutered gain weight.

Fact: The metabolism of certain dogs and cats decreases after spaying or neutering. Spayed or neutered animals are unlikely to become overweight if fed only the right amount of food and exercised regularly.

Myth 5: My dog or cat is too old for it.

Fact: Spaying and neutering are generally safe and secure for pets of all ages. The vets of Spay and Neuter Everett perform blood tests for pets over the age of seven before the procedures to check their liver and kidney function before anesthesia is administered.

Myth 6: Dogs and cats who have been spayed or neutered are less gentle and loving.

Fact: After being spayed or neutered, dogs and cats become calmer and more relaxed because they are no longer compelled to reproduce. A neutered or spayed pet is more likely to express affection to their human partners, not less.

Myth 7: Spaying and neutering are harmful to my pet's health.

Fact: Females that are spayed before their first heat are healthier, according to medical evidence. Females not spayed until their first heat are more likely to develop mammary cancer and uterine infections. Males that are neutered early in life have a lower chance of developing prostate infections.

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Consider spaying and neutering your pets to ensure that they live longer and healthier lives. With Spay and Neuter Everett, your pets will be safe and comfortable during the procedure. Call us to schedule an appointment.